High Performance Excellence

The pursuit of “High Performance Excellence” is a life choice developed through habit. With our HPE Chess Training you can achieve this in both your chess and your life!

For 10 years the KL Chess Academy has successfully brought chess education and training to young talent in Malaysia and beginning in 2016, will introduce HPE Chess Training.

It’s about Playing & Analysing

The road to chess excellence can be fun (while still of course remaining hard work) by adopting the method of “deliberate practice” which is successfully used in all other sports.

After all playing chess is fun but even more so when you know what you are doing! Through carefully analysing your games you can understand what the mistakes were but how does one not repeat them let alone learn to do it correctly the next time? read more…

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Apr 10
16th BCC Open 2016
Dusit Thani Bangkok
Mar 30
ASEAN+ Age Groups
Dusit Thani Pattaya
Dec 14
Johor Chess Festival
Johor Bahru City Square

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